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 My Name is Steven Klaassen, started racing pigeons on and off, Since I was 13yrs of age,racing birds in Cairns, North Queensland.

My new objective in the years to come is to focus on one-loft racing and breed a family of birds that will achieve good results in one-loft racing. I've purchased birds from top studs and fanciers around Australia such as,Jack Vanderlinden (Adelaide Premier Lofts Australia) DIRK & LOUIS VAN DYCK & GEERT MUNNIK also some top quality birds from Phil Turner of(Capricornia Lofts)such as the HARDY KRUGER'S and ANTOON & HILDA REYNAERT'S. My latest Bloodlines I've purchased are AD SCHAERLAECKEN'S,GASTON VAN DE WOUWER'S form, George of Ponderosa lofts & Steve Pradella of Pradella lofts WA. All top quality birds to be use as bloodlines to develop a family of birds of my own, to keep a strain of pure bloodlines or to be used for crossing.

Racing pigeons is a fantastic hobby and it's there for all of us to enjoy whether you like sprint racing, middle distance racing, or the long distance racing. Their is a place for everyone in this Sport/hobby so pick one that you wanna achieve and have a awesome time with it.   

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