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 My Name is Steven Klaassen, started racing pigeons on and off, Since I was 13yrs of age,racing birds in Cairns, North Queensland.

My new objective in the years to come is to focus on one-loft racing and breed a family of birds that will achieve good results in one-loft racing. I've purchased birds from top studs and fanciers around Australia such as,Jack Vanderlinden (Adelaide Premier Lofts Australia) DIRK & LOUIS VAN DYCK'S, also some top quality birds from Phil Turner of(Capricornia Lofts)such as the HARDY KRUGER'S and ANTOON & HILDA REYNAERT'S. My latest Bloodlines I've purchased are AD SCHAERLAECKEN'S and GASTON VAN DE WOUWER'S form, George of Ponderosa lofts & Steve Pradella of Pradella lofts WA. All top quality birds to be use as bloodlines to develop a family of birds of my own, to keep a strain of pure bloodlines or to be used for crossing.

Racing pigeons is a fantastic hobby and it's there for all of us to enjoy whether you like sprint racing, middle distance racing, or the long distance racing. Their is a place for everyone in this Sport/hobby so pick one that you wanna achieve and have a awesome time with it. I also like coloured racing pigeons as you'll see in my picture gallery. To me coloured pigeons make no difference in a racing pigeons  performance, it's just a colour. But, they must be raced to what ever level the bird's can handle. I fine that coloured birds are very handy when you are breeding the young's, you can tell the sex of the young's as soon as they are hatched due to the sex linked coloured yellow's, browns and the reduced coloured birds. The Recessive colours are little bit tricky but very handy...      

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