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 My Name is Steven Klaassen, started racing pigeons on and off, Since I was 13yrs of age. Flying birds in the Cairns Racing Pigeon club.Flying pigeons up here can be really tough. Maybe its the Terrain or Humidity,that has an affect to results of our racing performances in North Queensland,the birds seem to do it very hard. In saying that,the birds that do handle it up here are of great quality.My average race team per year,is about 20-25 birds since 2009 till now.I also have 6 foundation cocks and a few foundation hen's that I don't hold on to for long, unless they are producers.  

My small race team I find very easy to maintain.I clean them out every day, taking me only 5 minutes. Medicating is not so expensive and I can really pay attention to each and every bird. Also, what I have left over for the season i use for breeding.I only breed the best to best within my loft. I will try some new bloodlines now and then but if the new lines don't breed good birds with-in 2 year's they will be replaced. All my birds will have to be raced each year, consistently up to 3-4 years to prove there spot in the breeders loft. The race birds fly up to 9/10 weeks straight in the short to middle distance but if the birds looks tired  I'll give them a week off, most of them can do this, year after year.

My objective is breed a line of birds that will do well in the far North. In my opinion I prefer the races from the 100km to 600km against a lot of birds but that's just me.In the year 2011 I had a race team of 20 birds and had half left after racing them all to about 586km.In 2013 I purchased a pair of VAN-DYCK'S form Jack Vanderlinden (Adelaide Premier Lofts) to help improve my race performances in the next few years.

Racing pigeons is a great hobby and it's there for all of us to enjoy whether you like sprint racing, middle distance racing, or the long distance racing. Their is a place for everyone in this racing Sport/hobby so pick one that you wanna achieve (Sprint,Middle,long distance racing) or even all the distances and have bloody good time with it. I also like coloured racing pigeons as you'll see in my picture gallery to me coloured pigeons make no difference in the performance of a racing pigeon, it's just a colour. But, they must be raced to what ever level you choose too.I fine that coloured birds are very handy when you are breeding the young's,you can tell the sex of the young's as soon as they are hatched due to the sex linked coloured yellow's, browns and the reduced coloured birds. The Recessive colours are little bit tricky but very handy...      

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